Dear Senioritis

Dear Senioritis,

I am so, incredibly sorry for the attacks you undergo on a daily basis. People think of you as a kind of cancer that hibernates under the skin. Once your present, they look at you like you’re some kind of vermin or illegally smuggled in drug.

But let me tell you something. You’re not a bad entity. It’s only natural that you come out at this stage in our lives.

Three and a half years of A LOT of suffering in high school. We lost time with our friends. In fact we even lost some friends on the way. We lost time with our families. We lost time trying to get to know ourselves and instead got countless breakdowns in which we seriously contemplated throwing ourselves off a bridge. By the time junior year was over, all I really knew about myself was that I HATED STUDYING.

We wallowed in a never ending fear that we would never be good enough for any college to even consider us. After such a long time of so much accumulated stress, of course we have to snap. Of course you–senioritis–have to take your course and teach us how to let go even if it’s just for a little bit. Because once high school’s over and gone, the process will start all over again.

I’m sorry so many teachers hate you. Honestly they’re hypocritical in so many ways.

  1. They were seniors once too.
  2. They always tell us to relax, stop worrying, and let time do its thing.

I wish they would realize that your intentions are not to disrespect them. There’s no way anyone can concentrate on a Wednesday afternoon when they’re thinking about the endless possibilities of things they can do with the people they love on a weekday! We just feel like badasses and we deserve to feel that way after crafting ourselves into the perfect candidate for admission offices to pick.

So don’t feel bad senioritis. I’m on your side.

With love,


P.S.: But could you just take it down a notch? I need to raise my P.E. grade.

Dear Senioritis

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