The Plight of the So-Called Feminazi

So I have this friend, right? She strongly believes in equal rights even started a club about it in school. Well the repercussions of that in private school located in conservative Korea aren’t so hot.

  1. Peers sneer at her for just wanting to up her college resumé.

Well, even if that’s true, you don’t start a gay pride community because you don’t believe in it. Just saying.

2. The PTO/PTA hate it.

Welcome to the new generation.

3. Insolent boys who claim they aren’t sexist have been slipping in notes calling feminists “feminazis” and “attention whores.”

First of all, allow me to point you to the Merriam Webster Dictionary where you will be told the politically correct definition of “feminism.” Second of all, feminazis are people who believe that women should be superior over men (and that all men should die) which is obviously not the purpose of feminism if you read the dictionary correctly. Third of all, yes we are attention whores. Because that’s what any movement is about. Getting attention. Thanks for giving us attention. You are the precise reason why we’re doing this.

– A.J.C.

The Plight of the So-Called Feminazi

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