Personally, I don’t go to bed too late anymore. Or at least, I put my head on a pillow by at least midnight then play on my phone for God knows how long.

My mom’s a nice person who’s very set on doing the most she can as a mother. Therefore, I don’t set an alarm in my morning and allow her to wake me up herself. I think it gives her a bit of joy especially when there barely any time left until I pack my bags and leave.

So, she wakes me up at around 6:50 am instead of the usual 6:30 claiming that she wanted me to sleep in a little bit more. Slightly panicked at the fact that my school bus arrives at 7:25, I rushed through my routine and finished packing my bag by 7:21.

“Mom just pack my breakfast!”

And I left my house, but once I got outside…it was dark.

I check my phone it’s 6:30 am…

My mom woke me up at 5:50…


– A.J.C.


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