To the underclassmen who doubted the class of 2017

Now that a majority of the results are out, the Class of 2017 can finally take a breath of relief before making the most important decision of our lives so far. For the next month we will be sprawling out our applications, playing eenie-meenie-mini-mo, researching all over again to pick the best school suited for us.

But of course, being in this kind of spotlight raises the infamous haters.

Actually when I was a junior someone from the year below me actually said,

“Hey, I don’ think our grade (Class of 2018) is going to do very well with colleges.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Because you’re grade is going to do really bad and worsen the impression colleges have on our grade!”

Oh yes, the underclassmen. They always have so much to talk about when decision season rolls around. Whether its about the kid that applied to Yale or about the kid that got into “the bad Washington University” (whatever the hell that means), there’s so much to say.

Well, my dear underclassmen. What do YOU really know? You’re not the one’s writing thirteen applications. You’re not the one who really knows what “ranking” means. Because ranking differs by what an individual wants. Perhaps someone really just wants a top school. Or maybe they want a top school in their major. So maybe, that’s why they went to “the bad Washington University.” 

Look, it’s growing process. And I was in your shoes once as well. I get it. It’s fun to talk about. But unless it’s someone who has their ego way too far up their ass and is basically all talk, don’t say a word. Who knows. Maybe you’ll jinx yourself.



To the underclassmen who doubted the class of 2017

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