the receiving end of obsession

i have always been a free spirit

doing whatever the fuck i want

because of my uncanny unconventionality

or at least i seemed that way to you

you were my opposite

we should have been like yin and yang

able to find balance

but no

you broke me instead

i lost myself in your competition

competition against me

what were you trying to prove?

then pushing me to the curb

 throwing shitty scraps of your time

like i was your trash can

you’re not in love

you never were

you’re obsessed

i had to be your possession

and in order to do that i had give up myself

my freedom

everything i was

thank God, you’re gone


the receiving end of obsession

a vague apology

i cannot begin to connect the dots for you

cannot create constellations of my mess of emotions and thoughts

i am not like the stars

constant and sure

there for you every night

even if hidden behind clouds of pollution

all i can do is feel sorry

sorry for what i’ve done

hadn’t done

sorry  for being the worst person

sorry for just…



a vague apology