Cheating. The Students or College Board?

Disclaimer: I’m talking about cheating on the SATs. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As a senior who’s frustratingly waiting for all her college decisions to come out, it’s pretty clear that I have been through the struggle of SATs. A big part of that struggle were the peers who cheated on the SAT.

Some of you may be wonder just how cheating on the SAT works. Well…

  1. Someone in some obscure place in China takes the SAT. But right as it ends and they finish, they throw it out the window to their buddy and make a run for it.
  2. The person outside the window catches it and also makes a run for it.
  3. That person puts all the answers into their computer.
  4. They post it online.
  5. You wake up at 5:00am on test day and spend the next two to three hours memorizing.

Well that’s just one way. There are so many ways you can cheat on the SAT honestly, it’s a waste of breath to describe them all.

But who are we to blame? The students for having misdirected moral codes? Of course. The parents for raising kids as such and allowing them to do such a thing? Yes. College Board for not doing anything? Just as much, YES.

If you want to prevent cheating come up with a better planĀ other than making a new formatted test. All College Board has been telling students is “don’t cheat!” Well…that worked so well!

The real solution is to stop SAT altogether and find a different method of measuring accumulation of knowledge. And no, I’m not taking about the ACT.

But, of course, this “non-profit” organization must still make ends meet…

Cheating. The Students or College Board?